She Drives Me Crazy and She's Got the Look

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She Drives Me Crazy
She Drives Me Crazy by Leslie Kelly

I have never read Leslie Kelly before but I enjoyed her. They were fun contemporary chick lit books. This book was a little typical, girl returns to small hometown plot, but I like those to offset my paranormals. But this one was cute and funny.

When she was good, she was very, very good. . .
When Emma Frasier returns home to joyful, Georgia, she's greeted with the kinds of winks and lusty grins one might offer. . . an adult film star?
But when she was bad. . .
Thanks to small-town gossip and citizens who clearly need to get a life, Joyful's residents think Emma Jean is the "famous star" building a strip club in town. And that her barely concealed. . .uh, attributes are the ones gracing the new interstate billboard.
She was better.
As if being taken for a blue movie queen isn't rattling enough, there's Johnny Walker, the local bad boy turned good-a man who tempts Emma to be just as wild and wicked as Joyful thinks she is.

She's Got The LookShe's Got the Look by Leslie Kelly

After reading She Drives Me Crazy (above) I had to read this one because Nick is in that one (Nick and Johnny are brothers) and is the hero in this one. They don't really need to be read in order but I always prefer to. The description makes it seem like a suspense but that is totally a subplot and it is not very suspenseful. I love suspense books but I know that others do not. If you like a little suspense then this is perfect. A lot of books are the suspense with romance, this is a romance with some suspense. Again like the other one, a cute chick lit book. I enjoyed reading them but they are not keepers for me.

That's all Melody, an ex-model and recent divorcee, has been doing for years. Posing for the camera. Posing as a happy wife.
Now she's ready to concentrate on her own life. She's returned to her hometown to start a career behind the camera. And her girlfriends think it's the perfect time to revive a list they dreamed up years ago: the five men she'd be allowed to sleep with, no matter what!
But someone seems to be narrowing down the list for her, and her ideal men are turning up dead from suspicious causes. Melody turns to local homicide detective Nick Walker for help -- but if they don't catch the killer soon, she's going to need a new list!



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