Innocent in Death

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Innocent in Death (In Death)
Innocent in Death by JD Robb

I thought this was a great addition to the series. I could not put it down. I loved how much that the story made me identify even more with Roarke and Eve as I watched them argue and try to deal with irrational fears and communication issues (namely Eve not talking it out). But many women wouldn't have either, they would have done what Eve did and talked to a friend first. Not saying that is how it should be but what it usually is. The murder investigation was good and kept me guessing, but I was having an inkling about halfway through the story and I got lucky(?) and was right. But great series, if you have not read it I highly recommend it, but they need to be read in order. Naked in Death is the first book.

The phenomenal series set in a future New York City returns as NYPSD Lt. Eve Dallas hunts for the killer of a seemingly ordinary history teacher-and uncovers some extraordinary surprises. Craig Foster's death devastated his young wife, who'd sent him to work that day with a lovingly packed lunch. It shocked his colleagues at the private school, too, and as for the ten-year-old girls who found him in his classroom in a pool of bodily fluids-they may have been traumatized for life.
Eve soon determines that Foster's homemade lunch was tainted with deadly ricin, and that Mr. Foster's colleagues have some startling secrets of their own. It's Eve's job to sort it out- and discover why someone would have done this to a man who seemed so inoffensive, so pleasant . . . so innocent.
Now Magdalena Percell . . . there's someone Eve can picture as a murder victim. Possibly at Eve's own hands. The slinky blonde-an old flame of her billionaire husband, Roarke-has arrived in New York, and she's anything but innocent. Roarke seems blind to Magdalena's manipulation, and he insists that the occasional lunch or business meeting with her is nothing to worry about . . . and none of Eve's business. Eve's so unnerved by the situation that she finds it hard to focus on her case. Still, she'll have to put aside her feelings, for a while at least-because another man has just turned up dead.
Eve knows all too well that innocence can be a facade. Keeping that in mind may help her solve this case at last. But it may also tear apart her marriage.

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Comment by Jill on 3/05/2007 10:18 AM

I love all the JD Robb books so much!

Comment by Jenster on 3/05/2007 4:41 PM

*sigh* DH reads these books and each day I get closer and closer to starting the series. It's so long and daunting, but I think I'm up to the challenge.

Comment by Kris on 3/05/2007 6:13 PM

Jill, aren't they though!

Jen, you have got to read these, they are great. I started reading them about 3 years ago.

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