Ways to be Wicked

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Ways to Be Wicked
Ways to be Wicked (Book 2 in the Three Sisters Trilogy) by Julie Anne Long

I am really enjoying this book and Ms Long's writing. The first book in the series is Beauty and the Spy. The trilogy is about three sisters who were separated when they were little after their mother is wrongfully accused of killing their father. She has to run and leaves her daughters in the care of a family friend who splits them up to keep them safe. This one was a very good historical. I loved the characters. Neither the hero or the heroine were nobility or gentry, just regular people involved in the theater. I loved that aspect of it. I have not found many historicals that are set in a theater. She is not trying to make a match or avoid a match, she wants to find her sister and needs a job to tide her over. Great story, I recommend Ms Long if you enjoy Regency historicals.

Sylvie Lamoureux is the darling of the Paris ballet, renowned for her beauty and passionate dedication to her art. But when a mysterious letter sends her across the English Channel, she finds herself literally landing in the lap of one of London's most notorious men.
With a face that has charmed many a London lady, theater impresario Tom Shaughnessy is used to women falling into his arms. But from the moment this feisty young Frenchwoman leaps into his carriage, he senses he's met his rival in wit, daring...and sensuality.
When fate pulls Sylvie into the bawdy world of Tom's theater, a desire neither of them fully expects threatens to upend their well-laid plans. But the past Sylvie never knew she had will force her to make a decision. She can either let it bring down the curtain on their fiery pas de deux...or trust this wicked man with her heart.



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