Heart of Honor and Heart of Fire

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Heart of HonorHeart of Honor by Kat Martin
Krista Hart, publisher of the weekly London ladies' gazette Heart to Heart, is not afraid to speak her mind. Even on such unpopular issues as social reform--risking her reputation and her very safety--Krista will not be intimidated, although she knows full well she is the target of angry opposition for her outspoken views.

When she encounters a powerful Viking descendant imprisoned as a local sideshow attraction, Krista angrily demands his release. Although she tells herself that freeing Leif Draugr is simply the right thing to do, she can't deny being attracted to the fierce Nordic chieftain, especially after her father transforms him into a "proper" English gentleman.

But as anonymous threats against Krista become more and more aggressive, it is Leif who must face the unseen enemies desperate to silence her, even as they push her closer into the embrace of a warrior prepared to do whatever it takes to make her his.

I got this from the library when I heard that Heart of Fire just came out and this one comes before it. It was good. I liked the heat between the hero and heroine. And I liked the ending. Good book. If you have a chance to read it, I would.

Heart of Fire
Heart of Fire by Kat Martin
As a viscount's daughter, vivacious Coralee Whitmore is perfectly placed to write about London's elite in the outspoken ladies' gazette, Heart to Heart. But beneath her fashionable exterior beats the heart of a serious journalist.
So when her sister's death is dismissed as suicide, Corrie vows to uncover the truth, suspecting the notorious Earl of Tremaine was Laurel's lover and the father of her illegitimate child. Corrie infiltrates Castle Tremaine posing as a wide-eyed country relation whose charming figure— and reduced circumstances—make her irresistible to the confirmed scoundrel. But Corrie finds the earl is not all he seems…nor is she immune to his charms, however much she despises his caddish ways.
Far from a society column, Corrie's life soon reads more like one of Mr. Dickens's serials. But the danger of her ruse is hardly fictional: someone is bent on ensuring Corrie's questions go unanswered—and unasked.

I found this book on the used books table at the library, what luck! I really enjoyed it. I think that I liked it better than the first. Good trilogy/series so far. Cannot wait for the next book. We got a glimpse of the characters for the next book in this one. Lots of spark. You do not need to read the first book to read this one. They are linked by characters so they go together, but they are both stand alone books. These were fun historical reads. The characters were smart and entertaining and the storyline kept me interested.



Comment by nath on 1/26/2008 10:20 PM

I'm not sure about Kat Martin. I read her contemp and they're only so-so... I've seen her historical, but I'm trying to buy less books... and less historicals. i hate my libraries!

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