two in one day (Sucker Bet and Any Way)

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Sucker Bet ( Vegas Vampires, Book 4)Sucker Bet (Vegas Vampires Book 4) by Erin McCarthy
A night of indulgence can feel like an eternity. Gwenna Carrick has a history-900 years of it. As the vampiress ex-wife of the notorious vampire Roberto Donatelli, she must keep a low profile. Not easy when you're bathed in the neon glow of Las Vegas-especially when there's a whole online group of vampire slayers bent on dealing you your last hand.
A wild night with a stranger was not in the cards for Gwenna. But that's what happened when she met the ruggedly handsome detective Nate Thomas. Their passion made her feel alive again. But when Donatelli catches wind of the tryst, he's determined to clean house, with Nate the first on his to-off list. Gwenna knows she hit the jackpot with Nate and won't let anyone stand in the way. But both soon realize they have far more enemies than Donatelli- both on the strip and underground.

Fun book I enjoy this series. They are fun light hearted vampire books. This one was no exception. If you like this series, this is a good addition.

Any Way You Want ItAny Way You Want It by Kathy Love
Maggie Gallagher spends her nights with lots of men. Of course, they’re all dead composers, but why nitpick? Her love life is just like the musical compositions she researches—undiscovered. It’s time for Maggie to let loose and go wild. In a dive bar on Bourbon Street, Maggie makes a real find in the house band’s keyboard player. He’s hot. Sexy. Flirtatious. Soulful. And she could swear he’s playing an unknown piece she’s been researching, which is impossible, unless he’s dead… Centuries before he was a badass vampire with a rock-star wardrobe and Big Easy charm, Ren was Renauldo D’Antoni, a composer on the verge of great success until he was betrayed. No one could ever know that, but tonight, the shy strawberry blonde with the big eyes and obviously borrowed outfit actually seemed to recognize his long-lost composition. Now, she wants to know about the composition, and Ren wants to know her…intimately. But what starts as attraction—and distraction—just might lead to the biggest discovery of their lives…

This was different in that he was not a traditional vampire but a lampir which is like an energy vampire. They get strength by siphoning energy off of the people around them. I expected them the spend more time on the fact that he was this composer from long ago, but they mainly just used it to prove how old he was. It did come up a couple of other times, just not as many as I expected. I enjoyed this one. It was a nice read , not spectacular, but enjoyable.

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Comment by nath on 1/21/2008 10:07 PM

Is Any Way YOu Want It by kathy Love a new series? Cos i know she had a vampire series.

I'll definitively give these books a try if I can find them used. What I don't like about McCarthy is that her books are usually released in tradesizes :(

Comment by Kris on 1/22/2008 11:06 AM

I do not think that it is part of her series. I did not get that impression from this book. If it is it is fine as a stand alone. The only other possible person mentioned that could get.have their own book would be his brother Vittorio and she could be doing a book for him next. But i did not get the impression that there were any books before this one.
The Erin McCarthy books are fun. I enjoy them a lot. But I also get them from my library so I do not have to buy them.

Comment by Stacy~ on 1/23/2008 6:39 AM

I love Erin's work, and need to catch up on this series.

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