At the Edge

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At the EdgeAt the Edge (Psychic Sisters Trilogy Book1) by Cait London SETTING: Rural Montana, near fictional Red Dog, contemporary Think you've finally found the perfect quiet, secluded home without pesky neighbors? It never lasts, take it from Claire Brown, who really, really needs isolation to survive. Claire is an empath, too sensitive to other's emotions--greed, lust, hatred--and physical pain. A night-walker, she's safe amid the dry rolling acres of Montana, stitching her one-of-a-kind designer handbags. Back to the nothing lasts forever part. Neil Olafson moves in next door, and he's setting up shop to build camping trailers, a noisy activity. He's a friendly sort of guy, but then Claire isn't feeling neighborly, her peace and safety torn away. He's also a handy guy, Claire discovers when she is suddenly and unexpectedly attacked. Now, Neil is just an average workman, and what he is about to discover about the psychic triplets sets his hair on end. First of all, Claire can anticipate this thoughts and feelings, which makes him uneasy. Claire's mother does not call--because her anxiety is going to trip Claire's. Tempest, a hands-on psychic, who can tell the history of an object by holding it, is scary enough, and Leona, the oldest, apparently is a clairvoyant who dreams events before they happen! All this doesn't interfere with Neil's sturdy attraction to his mysterious red-haired, green-eyed neighbor. But it's a little unnerving to desire a woman, when she actually knows what a man is feeling. When the sisters track down Claire's attacker on just "reading" the remnants of his touch, Neil starts to believe--a little. And just maybe she might be able to help him find his son, who disappeared eight years ago. Claire's sixth sense is prowling, snagging clues that someone doesn't want revealed. When Neil starts having accidents, the game gets deadly and they're plunged into a nightmarish web of hidden secrets that they must unravel--together.

I have had this book in my tbr pile for a while. I bought it because of the cover and because I love psychic characters. I had not read any other books by her prior to this one. I was kind of intrigued by it. I was not totally sold on it but I am curious where she is planning on going with it so I will read the next book, but I am not sure what to expect. I am hoping it will get better. I was not able to totally get into the characters, I was always on the outside looking in but never really in the story.
One of the reasons I got it was the cover, I love covers. But I thought this one was a little misleading. The cover is very hot but the book is not. There is a love story but everything is pretty much closed door. This is not a bad thing, just not what I was expecting. This trilogy if you are going to read it definitely needs to be read in order There is a psychic bad guy that I am guessing they are going to be fighting the entire trilogy.
The next book, A Stranger's Touch, comes out this month.

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Comment by nath on 4/15/2008 8:50 AM

hey there Kris :D

I've heard of this one, however, the author put me off. I don't really like this author, so I'll be skipping :P

Comment by Kris on 4/15/2008 11:08 AM

I looked and the library does not have it so I do not think that I will be finishing this series.

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