baby pic

4/03/2008 11:18:00 AM / Posted by Kris /

Here is the baby!!



Comment by Jenster on 4/03/2008 1:00 PM

What a beauty!! lol

I love baby ultrasounds! They just make everything so very real.

Hope you're feeling good!

Comment by Bev(QB) on 4/03/2008 7:55 PM

hee-hee, what a cutie!

Comment by Stacy~ on 4/04/2008 6:48 AM

Aw sweet! Thanx for sharing :)

Comment by nath on 4/04/2008 10:52 AM

Like i told you, I can't make out much, but it's a nice pic :D

Comment by Kris on 4/10/2008 9:53 AM

Thanks everyone.
It's okay nath. With my first pregnancy I saw blackand white blob until the doctor started to point wout what i was seeing.

Comment by Jill D. on 4/10/2008 10:23 PM

Oh Kris, how sweet! I see it, the baby's face in profile and the little hand. I had my second child in September. He is now seven months old and just started crawling last week. Oh, they are just so sweet. Cherish every moment because they grow up so fast. Do you know if it is a girl or a boy, or do you not want to know?

Comment by Kris on 4/10/2008 11:06 PM

Hey jill,
Very cute about your son. This will be my third child I have two little girls and this one is a girl as well. My hubby is excited and stressing. My daughters are just excited.

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