Close Encounters of the Sexy Kind

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Close Encounters of the Sexy KindClose Encounters of the Sexy Kind by Karen Kelley
X-files comes to romance!! Just kidding. This was an interesting alien book. She is tired of her perfect planet of only women and reads about Earth and comes here to experience sex with a real man (as opposed to her perfect robot companion, Barton) and actually feel dirt and eat chocolate. Though it is hard to believe a world of only females and no chocolate. Scary. But now that she is here she wants to stay, but she has a wacked out guy in town named Harlan who has convinced the tabloid reporters that she is an alien and the people from her planet want her back. Choices, choices... perfection and sex with a robot or chocolate and sex with a man. I enjoyed this book, it was funny. I do not think it was a keeper for me, but I enjoyed reading it.

From Booklist
Barton is gorgeous and attentive, but technically he is a robot (with a very erotic feature) built specifically as Mala's Companion. Companions are important to the inhabitants of Mala's world since there are no men. After watching a documentary left by her space-traveling grandmother, Mala decides to visit Earth. Landing in the middle of Texas, she meets Sheriff Mason McKinley, who is investigating a report by the local crackpot, who insists that a UFO had landed. Mala doesn't make a lot of sense to Mason, but she looks human, and, assuming that she has amnesia, he lets her stay at his home. When he goes off to work, she hacks into his PayPal account and orders $3,243.22 worth of sex toys. This sexy, humorous romance combined with kitschy sci-fi is a fun read for anyone who appreciates tabloid humor. Mason is pretty darn hot even if he doesn't have a robot's versatile attachment, and Mala's outsider perceptions are entertaining. Diana Tixier Herald
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Comment by nath on 5/11/2007 9:34 AM

Sounds interesting... however, as a whole, romantic alien books are usually not keepers... so I think I'll skip :D

so, how many days before school is out? :D you must be excited :D

Comment by Kris on 5/11/2007 11:10 AM

Yeah, seven days left and counting.

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