Flesh and the Devil

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Flesh and the Devil (Aphrodisia)Flesh and the Devil by Devyn Quinn
If you like your paranormal dark and HOT then you will definitely like this one. It was a great dark sexy story about vampires. I really enjoyed it and would recommend it to others.

I am borrowing the summary from a review on Amazon. I found the description from the back of the book so I will post that after the Harriet Klausner review.
Vice Squad detective Brendan Wallace is working undercover trying to bust up the Exotic Jewels' prostitute ring. He calls the company and they send him sexy Liadan Niamh, as his lady of the night. However, instead of busting her, she somehow outs him as a cop before leaving him in knots. Recently divorced Brendan cannot forget the sultry siren and tries to set up a second tryst with her.
He soon learns how Liadan got the better of him when he realizes she truly is a lady of the night. She is a vampire. However, in spite of her attraction to the cop, she knows for his safety she needs to forget him; but she cannot and he will not let her; besides his desire for her there are dead females all over town with all the clues pointing towards Liadan. Concentrating on his love for her while thinking how his sister for years insisted there is magic in their blood; Brendan tries to help free his beloved from malevolent Auguste, who he believes is the serial killer.
This erotic supernatural police procedural romance hooks the sub-genre audience from the opening scene when Liadan leaves Brendan tied to a chair with the message to see her on his time not cop time and never unties the bonds of the reader until the climax. That opening encounter sets the relationship between two likable full blooded (even when she has not dined) protagonists falling into a taboo love for one another. The elements from the police procedural, romance and fantasy blend nicely together so that fans will appreciate the ties between the FLESH AND THE DEVIL.

Harriet Klausner

Vice cop Brenden Wallace has walked on the dark side for too many years. Now, newly divorced, he’s smoking too much and sleeping too little, and the empty darkness in his soul is the blackest part of any night—until he’s assigned to investigate an escort service called Exotic Jewels and meets Líadán Niamh. Lushly beautiful, she is the embodiment of seduction and thrilling control. She arouses Brenden’s most feral desires—fierce, bone-deep needs they explore together, mouth to mouth and skin to skin. But Líadán’s hungry kiss is more dangerous than Brenden could have imagined. Women are turning up dead, and every clue leads Brenden back to Líadán—and a raw, brutal passion that could cost him his life…

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Comment by Chantal on 5/12/2007 10:24 AM

I don't trust anything Harriet Klausner says, but since you liked it, I'll look for it at the library.

Comment by Devyn Quinn on 5/12/2007 4:04 PM

I am so glad you enjoyed my book! That really made my day. As for the Harriet Klausner review, well, there's no way an author can stop people from posting reviews.

Comment by Kris on 5/12/2007 8:14 PM

I could not find a summary and i hate writing them so I always borrow if I can.

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