Fortune's Fool

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I am feeling better today, yeah!! But on the good side of being sick, since I was only relatively comfortable when I was laying down, I got a lot of reading done, I read Bled Dry by Erin McCarthy and Close Encounters of the Sexy Kind by Karen Kelley.

Fortune's Fool: A Tale of the Five Hundred Kingdoms (Book 3)
Fortune's Fool (A Tale of the Five Hundred Kingdoms, Book 3) by Mercedes Lackey
I really liked this book. I did not finish The Fairy Godmother and did not read the second book. One Good Knight, at all but I really liked this one. Starting the first book did help a couple times because Godmother Elena was mentioned and her strange horse, ??? cannot remember its name off hand, was in this one. So reading only half of the first book did help a little. Later I know I will go back and try the first one again, I think I was just not in the mood for it at the time. This was a nice warm fantasy adventure with romance, so I thought it was a delightful read.

As the seventh daughter of the Sea King, Ekaterina had a wonderful life—but also a lot of responsibility. Her special gift for moving around on land made her the perfect emissary from her father to check out interesting happenings on the surface. In short, she became the family spy.
On one such reconnaissance mission, she encounters Sasha—the seventh son of the king of Belrus. Though everyone sees his talent at music, they also consider him a fool. Ekaterina suspects something more powerful lies behind his facade. But before she can find out what, Ekaterina is kidnapped!
Carried off by a whirlwind and trapped in a castle with other kidnapped princesses at the mercy of a possessive Jinn, Ekaterina knows her chances of being found are slim. Which means that fortune, a fool and a paper bird are the only things she can count on. Oh, and of course her own clever mind and manipulative abilities…

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