The Mackenzie-Blackthorn books

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The Mackenzie-Blackthorn books by Elizabeth Lowell
I read a couple of these a long while ago but could not find all of them so I got rid of them when I was thinning my books at one point. But this past week I found the one that I had been missing while I was a my ubs (Granite Man). And luckily they had all but one of the series in stock. So I bought them. The one they did not have (Fire and Rain) I had read a couple of times so I knew it pretty well and could fit it in the story (I hate reading books out of order).
But here is the series that I read. All of the books are great and are nice quick reads (except for Reckless Love that one is longer, I hadn't even realized this was in the series until I looked it up). This series is classic Lowell. The only thing I wish was different about the series is I am curious about Utah's story. As far as I can tell it was never written. He did not appear in any of the books but he was mentioned as the third brother and a little of his past as well.
I seem to be all about the parenthesis today.

Reckless LoveReckless Love by Elizabeth Lowell
I did not realize this was part of the series because it was a historical, but the main characters were part of the Mackenzie clan and were like great, great, great aunt and uncle to the heroes in the current time period.

Janna Wayland has survived in treacherous Utah Territory by using her wits, her grit and her knife. She is as bold and free as Lucifer, the wild stallion she vows to protect from men who would stop at nothing to possess him. Men like Ty McKenzie, whose will to survive is as strong as her own.

Nursing Ty back from death's grasp, she realizes that neither Lucifer nor her heart are safe from this man's fierce determination. Now Janna must follow Ty on a perilous trek through the badlands, battling renegade warriors, the elements and her own reckless heart with a fury that can be tamed only by love itself.

Fire and Rain (Silhouette Single Title) Fire and Rain by Elizabeth Lowell
This is the one that I do not own yet, but I have read it and it is very good.

Owner of the wildest, loneliest ranch this side of the Rockies, Luck MacKenzie hadn't laid eyes on Carla McQueen for three years. Not since they day he'd sent his best friend's kid sister storming from the Rocking M Ranch and out of his life -- for what he thought was forever . . .
Now Carla was back, lovelier and even more desirable than in his burning memories. But Luke knew he could never give in to the raging need to make her his woman. For he'd made a vow long ago -- one that he was determined to keep -- that he would never fall in love with Carla McQueen. No matter how badly his body and soul ached for her . . .

Outlaw by Elizabeth Lowell
I love Tennesse I just wish I could see more of his background (I am always curious about people's pasts and what makes them they way they are).

Archaeologist Diana Saxton knew she couldn't trust a man to understand what was important—history had taught her that much. She couldn't allow herself to be sidetracked by a sexy, seductive stranger like Tennessee Blackthorn—but what would happen if just this once she broke her own rules…?

Granite ManGranite Man by Elizabeth Lowell ( I have the one with the original Harlequin cover but could not find a pic of that one.)

Mariah MacKenzie returned to her family's Rocky Mountain ranch determined to reclaim a life she's longed for. Cash McQueen was a distraction she didn't need, a temptation she didn't want—but the only man tough enough to be her guide on a bold quest for a legendary treasure. Cash's passion for prospecting didn't run to beautiful women…anymore. Until Mariah made him want to believe again in something more precious than gold…

Warrior or Warrior
Warrior by Elizabeth Lowell (different covers I have the latter cover)

When wildlife biologist Eden Summers arrives in the Colorado Rockies, she has only one thing on her mind: to continue her research on the local cougar population. A capable woman, used to living and working alone in the wild, she is self-possessed and confident, able to handle any threat from nature's fiercest predators -- until she gazes into the eyes of Nevada Blackthorn.
She pulled him, injured and bleeding, to safety in the middle of a storm, unleashing a man who would invade her deepest dreams. But Nevada -- a rancher by trade, a warrior by nature -- is a man who has learned that walking away from caring is the only key to survival and that only the strongest survive. Any woman fool enough to try and change him will be hurt -- badly -- for their efforts.
Perhaps Eden is that kind of fool. Or perhaps she has no choice but to follow a calling as fierce, as wild and as natural as the beating of her own heart . . .



Comment by Zeek on 5/29/2007 3:53 PM

I love this series too and reread it often- I'm pissed we never got Utah's story! hmpf.

Comment by Kookie on 6/10/2007 4:56 AM

Yep, I read this story, too, with a couple of my friends way, way back in college--and got disappointed as well that Utah's story never came about. :o(

Comment by sybil on 6/10/2007 3:14 PM

I am pretty sure I have an extra copy of Fire and Rain. email me if you are interested I think I still need to send you a book too...

err do I need to send you two? I was thinking I sent the first holly but I could be wrong.

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