5/11/2007 05:40:00 PM / Posted by Kris /

Oh man, I got tagged on two sides, nath and zeek :)

- you need to state 8 random things/facts about yourself if you're tagged
- don't forget to include these rules in your post!
- you need to tag 8 other persons
- comment on the blog of your 8 tagged persons, so they know they've been tagged

1. I adore chocolate and mint combined.

2. I eat my corn chips with cream cheese

3. I sing soprano.

4. I am dreading turning 30 this year.

5. My favorite cartoon characters are Michigan J Frog and Eeyore.

6. I have never colored or permed or done anything to my hair except cut it.

7. I wish I was 20 pounds lighter.

8. I love my kids and my hubby.

Well, since everyone else has pretty much already done this that I know. I tag everyone else who has not done this already.



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