Jamie's Cherub

5/18/2007 04:14:00 PM / Posted by Kris /

Jamie's Cherub by Gail Faulkner
Very enjoyable book. Also nice and HOT. Very interesting storyline. Emma is very leery of wolf shifters because if a past experience so of course she ends up mated to one. (isn't that how it usually works out) but then Emma gets injected with a potent mixture of Vampire, coral snake and Jaguar (?) DNA and the wolf DNA that she received from being mated to a wolf and now they are fighting within her body for supremacy. On top of that they are fighting the bad guy to make sure that the balance between all the various Others and humans stays at a even level. I enjoyed this and am interested in reading more by her.

Jamie MacKelvin is Alpha Prime, king of the shape shifter wolves—and alone. Driven by duty, honor and the heritage of Alpha Primes, he's long since given up finding the one female who is his.
Emma's dark history has given her a beautiful daughter and the horrifying discovery that humans are not alone on Earth. The last thing Emma needs is a complex anybody, much less a dominant Alpha King.
Even if she wasn't his biological mate, he'd love her gentle heart, brave soul and intoxicatingly full figure. Claiming a reluctant mate is difficult—keeping her, the most dangerous thing they will ever do. Emma and her daughter are unwitting keys in an ancient battle for power. Ensuring their future will require a horrific price. Jamie is prepared to pay with anything except Emma.
Her trust in him as Master is the one thing that can save her, and Jamie will stop at nothing to acquire it, even if the cost is losing her ability to love him. Grimly he clings to the belief that mate bond is the last wildcard even the fates can't control.

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Comment by Chantal on 5/19/2007 2:16 PM

It sounds pretty good. I enjoy shifter stories.

Comment by Gail on 5/23/2007 6:06 PM

Hi Kris, thanks so much for the review. I'm so glad you enjoyed Jamie. He's a bit a of a beast but I love him.

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