Desires Sirocco

6/13/2007 10:08:00 AM / Posted by Kris /

Desires Sirocco (WindWorld) by Carlotte Boyett-Compo (ebook)
This was a pretty good story. It took me a while to read though because I can only take reading at my computer for so long, and this was a long book (or maybe it just seemed like a long book). It was an interesting plotline but I could not stay focused on it. So it was good but not in my top 10 this month. I am going to try it again another time to see if it was just my mood.

Lord Dagan Kiel is the Master Trainer of the Conclave. It is his duty to provide and train a wife for the Grand Master. When he spies a beautiful naked young woman on the slave block at Sahar Colony, he outbids all others to buy her. Taking her to the infamous Keep of the Brotherhood at Lalssu, he begins in-depth, graphic instructions of the young, naive virgin. Though he trains his charge with the Grand Master in mind, he does not count on falling in love and lust with the lovely Jameela.
Her father and brothers sold Jameela into slavery. She had resigned herself to an existence of backbreaking work or exacting degradation. When the forbidding Lord Dagan purchases her, she knows her life is in the hands of the handsome lord. Learning his terrible secret only deepens a love that began on the long ride to the Keep.
But the lovers must face formidable obstacles that will take them from the highest plains of desire to the lowest depths of fear. They will battle unseen forces that threaten to tear them apart, and are forced into lethal situations where only love can stay the hand of death. Before Jameela is handed over into the Grand Master's keeping, sheer evil will trod the land and Dagan will know to what depths he is willing to go to keep her at his side.

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