Immortals:The Calling

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Immortals: The Calling (Book 1)
Immortals:The Calling (Book 1) by Jennifer Ashley
I was trying to use my labels for this and realized I needed to make a new label because they are not vamps, demons or shifters and there is more to this than just magic, so I guess I am making the label, Immortal.
Well, I was very nicely surprised at this book. I have had it in my tbr pile for a while and it kept getting pushed back and now I wish I had read it sooner. But one of the upsides of waiting is that now the second book is out and I do not have to wait forever to read it. I already have it on reserve from the library. Yeah! I really liked the ending of this book. It was a good resolution for the H and h but also a great way to continue the storyline.

Created at the dawn of time to protect humanity, the ancient warriors have been nearly forgotten, though magic lives on--in vampires, werewolves, the Celtic Sidhe, and other beings. But now one of their own has turned rogue, and the world is again in desperate need of the IMMORTALS.
He (Adrian) burst into the battle, his leather jacket billowing and his huge silver sword flashing. Amber had no idea why this windswept warrior would rescue her, but there he was--fighting the same demon who'd killed her sister. Though he was a stranger, she immediately sensed he'd come to protect her. And with the first touch of his lips on hers, she knew he was bound to her, his body meant for her. Yet the shadow of evil is spreading quickly, and more death will follow unless they can discover the secrets of...THE CALLING.

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