Three books by Lyn Stone

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I am being generic and posting these together. They were all pretty good. I am enjoying this series. The series is called Special Ops and is about a Special Ops team comprised of men and women with psychic talents. The other books in the series are Down to the Wire, Against the Wall and Under the Gun. I have read them all and enjoyed them as well, but they all came out about two years before these, and I do not remember the first three having any psychics in them. So maybe they are just tentatively related to these. Like a different branch in the same group like what Cherry Adair did with her TFLAC books. It has been too long since I read them.

Straight Through the Heart : Special Ops (Silhouette Intimate Moments No. 1408) (Silhouette Intimate Moments)Straight Through the Heart by Lyn Stone

Special Agent Eric Vinland is in one hell of a fix. Because Dawn Moon saw the killer who'd murdered her boss and stolen valuable information, she would be masquerading as his wife on a Greek Island where they hope to outbid "other" terrorists for the secrets.
He can't deny that Dawn does something powerful to him. Sexual attraction sparks between them, interfering with his telepathic ability. Without that, he and Dawn might not survive Day One...

From Mission To Marriage (Silhouette Intimate Moments)From Mission to Marriage by Lynn Stone

Determined to stop a bitter man from decimating a mountain community, Special Ops agent Clay Senate pairs with FBI agent Vanessa Walker. Clay is a loner, but Vanessa's beauty and outgoing personality soon undermine his defenses. It's not long before her appreciation for their shared Native American heritage unleashes a long-denied need in him.

Vanessa senses that Clay is hunting for more than just a killer. Accustomed to taming wild animals, she thinks she can tackle both his needs. But as the hunt grows deadly and passions flare, Vanessa faces her most challenging assignment—turning this temporary mission into a lifelong marriage.

Special Agent's Seduction (Silhouette Intimate Moments)Special Agent's Seduction by Lyn Stone

Agent Dani Sweet wanted one normal vacation.
And not one where she had a gun to her head. She had come to the bank to open a savings account, not play hostage in a robbery.
But the gunman had other ideas. So did the gorgeous bank manager Ben Michaels. Collected yet predatory, he disarmed the robber just in time. And while appearing to be a buttoned-down office type, Ben soon convinced Dani to hunt down those responsible for the mayhem.
The danger of an investigation she could handle—it was the tingle Ben caused in her stomach that had her feeling like a rookie again. Did she dare get on this roller coaster?

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