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Thought that title might be attention getting, and it makes me smile. My internet is finally back, YEAH!!! I have about 8 things to review to round off my May reads, but I have already read about 8 things in June (I read too much). So I am going to be marathon posting for a little while. Also in the midst of this the family and I are trying to find and buy a house before August (keep your fingers crossed and prayers going). We though that we would have until September but things have changed and now we have to have everything finalized by August. Yikes!! But on to the book...

The first book I am posting about does have to do with my title, it is called Kink.

Kink (Heat)Kink by Saskia Walker and Sasha White
I really enjoyed this book. I had misgivings and though that I would not when I read the back of the book but went ahead and read it (I got it free in a contest, so why not read it) and enjoyed it more than I thought. It has bondage, voyeurism, exhibitionism and spanking. This book covers a lot. I was afraid when I read the back cover that the wife in Watch Me was going to cheat on her hubby, she does not (though she does put on a show for others). I did enjoy the story, but I really enjoyed Ms Walker's story more. I think because there seemed to be more story to it than Ms White's.


Watch Me (by Sasha White actually the second story in the book)

Some people have coffee. Some have tea. But the only thing that really wakes Bethany Mack up in the morning is sex. Too bad marriage to Grant has settled into a sex-starved routine. That is, until she spies a hot roofer next door. Broad, sexy shoulders: check. A muscular chest you could nuzzle all day: check. And under those jeans, well, the thought just makes her weak. So she puts on a little show for him through the window, letting her inhibitions loose, and discovers a naughty new addiction. But how will her husband react when he discovers just how far a desperate housewife will go for some lov'n from him?

Sex, Lies, and Bondage Tape (by Saskia Walker)

Clayton's one hunk of a musician. A pin-up hottie for squealing teens everywhere. And he's gay, Kelly Burton discovers when she sneaks into his dressing room for an autograph, but gets a peep show instead...But Kelly's soon distracted: a bouncer has found her. A bouncer with pecs of steel, a six-pack, and sinewy arms. After a scolding, the bouncer decides to have his wicked way with the naughty-but-eager groupie. And what follows is a night of passion, hard-rock-style...

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Comment by Kristie (J) on 6/08/2007 6:34 AM

Glad your internet is back. To me there's nothing scarier than the thought of losing it. I go into panic mode and almost hyperventalate when something goes wrong!

Comment by Zeek on 6/08/2007 10:00 AM

Welcome Back I missed you! (I haven't mailed out the next books I've promised yet- I hope to today or tomorrow!) MMMMWAH!

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