The Gift

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The Gift (Malloy Family)The Gift (Malloy Family Book 5) by Beth Williamson
My first Beth Williamson book. And gratefully it could be read out of order. I have been wanting to read her for a while but currently am not able to buy any books (because of moving costs and such) and was so excited when friend let me borrow this. I was not disappointed. The story was good and the characters were fun to read about. Now I want to read the rest of them it is the only downfall of series, they get me hooked and then i have to spend more money, borrow them or live without until I have money. Choices ;)

One part gambler, two parts charmer, Trevor Malloy has finally met his match. Book 5 of the Malloy family series. Trevor Malloy loves women of all shapes and sizes. When he bets a small fortune on a hand of poker only to lose to a lady gambler he cant seem to charm, he finds himself beholden to a woman for the first time. Adelaide Burns refuses to fall under Trevors spell and is determined to make him pay every cent he owes herin muscle and sweat. Like sparks from flint and rock, Trevor and Adelaide nearly set the sheets on fire. Together they find heaven in each others arms, fight for Adelaides saloon, and face a future that only the luck of the cards will tell.

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