Extreme Danger

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Extreme DangerExtreme Danger by Shannon McKenna

Nobody's home at the millionaire's estate on remote Frakes Island. And nobody seems to be watching. Becca Cantrell dives in for an illicit midnight skinnydip--and gets hauled out by a towering, hard-muscled guy with burning dark eyes. He seems to be in charge. Good. The man is the embodiment of her most intense fantasies. And she's up for risky thrills...
Nick Ward can't tell her that he's spying on a vicious Russian crime boss. Becca could be his worst enemy: an assassin sent to kill him, a call girl sent to distract him, or the worst scenario of all--a clueless innocent. Anyway he looks at it, she's trouble: beautiful, bare, dripping-wet trouble. The kind he can't resist.
She's not scared. After one taste of his hot mouth, Becca soon discovers just how fearless she can be. She'll need it, too--because things are about to explode on Frakes Island, launching Becca and Nick into danger they could never have imagined--and a passion that could destroy them both...

I think I liked it. It was very violent, more than I am used to. If you do not mind explicit violence and explicit sex in the same book than you will probably not like this one. One thing I liked was you got to see some of the characters from the other books, all the McClouds and their wives and kids. The storyline was very good. The bad guy was one of those guys you wanted to reach into the book and strangle yourself, very selfish and repugnant. Some nice twists in the plot and some you saw coming, but a good balance. So as I am writing and thinking about it I liked it better than I thought, but it did take me a little to get into it because of the violence.

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Comment by ames on 2/26/2008 9:09 PM

Shannon McKenna is one author I cannot say no to. I have this in my tbr pile, but I still need to read Edge of Midnight.

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