Maiden Flight

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Random rant
I bought Lorelei James's new book (print version), Long Hard Ride today and got to page 33 and was abruptly shifted into Hara's Legacy by Bianca D'Arc. I like that story but it is not the one I wanted to read. I skipped ahead to see if maybe the pages were just inserted (which has happened to me before too) Which would be no big deal, you skip the pages and keep reading. But no such luck, does not come back to the story until page 96. I emailed Samhain and I will call my bookstore in the morning.
This one top of a very long day at school. I had a child make a racial slur to another child about her parents and it just made me so mad.
Well, I am going to go start another book and hopefully this one will be okay :)

PS. Chantal, Nath and Ames have started a blog together to review books and hang out. Check it out, it is called Breezing Through.

Maiden FlightMaiden Flight (Dragon Knights Book 1) by Bianca D'Arc
War is coming for the knights, dragons and a damsel who is not quite in distress, but finds her heart's desire in the strong men of the Border Lair.
A chance meeting with a young male dragon seals the fate of one adventurous female poacher. The dragon's partner, a ruggedly handsome knight named Gareth, takes one look at the shapely poacher and decides to do a little poaching of his own. Sir Gareth not only seduces her, but falls deeply in love with the girl who is not only unafraid of dragons, but able to hear their silent speech, which is a rarity. He wants her for his mate, but mating with a knight is no simple thing. To accept a knight, a woman must also accept the dragon, the dragon's mate… and her knight too.
She is at first shocked, then enticed by the lusty life in the Lair. War is in the making and only the knights and dragons have a chance at ending it before it destroys their land and their lives. But there's nothing a knight enjoys more than a noble quest and winning the heart and trust of a maiden is the noblest quest of all.

I won this from Bianca D'Arc and enjoyed it a lot. It is the first of her Dragon Knight books, she currently has five. This one and the second one have been released in print as one volume, as have the third and fourth books. This truly is one of a series. You get the HEA but the storyline is no where near done yet. The majority if not all of the books in this series I think are menage because of the nature of the world she has set up.

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Comment by ames on 2/16/2008 11:15 PM

Thanks for the pimp! :P

That sucks about the pages from a different book being in the book you wanted to read. :( I've had it happen to me before when the pages were out of order, or not in the book at all. Did you hear back from Samhain yet?

Comment by Kris on 2/17/2008 8:25 AM

ames, No problem, I love the site. I heard back from Samhain for them to confirm that it was a print copy, but it is the weekend so I did not expect much. My bookstore lady is getting me another copy though.

Comment by nath on 2/18/2008 8:03 AM

Okay, that really sucks for you, about the books. but at leas,t you shouldn't have any problems exchanging it :)

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