Wolverton Blood

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Wolverton Blood (Wolverton Shifter)Wolverton Blood by Brenda Williamson
Shape-shifters threaten more than a woman's sanity, when she mates the leader of the pack. Timbers life was always a series of foster homes. She was a freak with her ability to shapeshift into an animal. She never knew there were people like her, so when she learns she has a family, she rushes to embrace them with her open heart. Only she soon discovers they had thrown her away and still don't want her. Kane is overwhelmingly attracted to the beautiful, green-eyed, young woman. However, he sees her as an upset to his life and to his emotions, and he wants her gone as much as everyone else. Except, after tasting the sweetness of her in his bed, he cant let her go. The animal in him likes the way she sates his lust. While they struggle with their relationship, the sinister plots of someone in the family threaten to destroy the love and trust they work to buildbut then, they knew, all along, that evil lurks in Wolverton Blood.

I was not real crazy about this one. It was decent and the sex scenes were definitely hot, but I did not like the hero. He got a little better by the end but he was just so insulting to the heroine and had a huge ego, it drove me crazy. I finished it, but it was an "eh" read.
Warning: they also have sex twice while shifted so if that makes you squeamish definitely do not read this book.

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