Bad as She Wants to Be and The Supplicant

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These stories were both a case of Too much sex. I am going to come back later to post the book cover but I am at camp and cannot get the pic to copy.

Bad as She Wants to Be by Thea Devine
I would classify this one as erotic but I would not call it erotic romance. There was not very much romance in it. I did not like it very much. I had to force myself to finish it and I was hoping that it would get better. It did get a little better toward the end but not enough to make me want to try it again later. The whole story was her going to orgies and sleeping with everyone she came into contact with. The story did nothing for me at all.

One hot summer's day, everything changes for Frannie Luttrell after she rescues rich, young Marianne Nyland from drowning. An innocent small-town girl from the other side of the Bar Harbor tracks, Frannie is rechristened "Frankie" and swept into Marianne's glamorous world of wanton sensuality and expensive fun. Soon she is enjoying decadent pleasures beyond her wildest imagination with any and every guy she desires—except for the man she really wants, the ever-aloof Dax Cordrey, who disapproves of her new, indulgent life.
Offered a job as Marianne's personal assistant (aka permanent party pal) in New York City, Frankie and the insatiable Marianne hit the town on exotic nightly sexcapades, fulfilling their wildest fantasies. But when Marianne is found dead—and Frankie is named her sole heir—gossip flies like wildfire and a steamy sex tape featuring the Cinderella heiress suddenly appears. Deciding to make the most of her fifteen minutes of fame, Frankie acts the part of a publicity princess—while trying to prove to Dax that she's not the scandalous vixen she's been made into. She's only as bad as she wants to be...for the right person.

The Supplicant by Lucinda Betts
This story I liked more. It still had too much for me (which says alot) but it was not as bad as the above book. It is a fantasy book and was very interesting so I did enjoy reading it, but it is very explicit and do not read if you do not like the heroine sleeping with other people (females included). I will post the description later because I cannot get it on this computer.

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Comment by Chantal on 7/11/2007 10:02 PM

I do believe these are the first negative reviews I have seen you write, lol

I was looking at that first one, but decided against it. Good thing.

Comment by Kris on 7/11/2007 10:27 PM

That might be true, lol. It just had way too much for me. She was having sex every other page with someone different and it just was not a romantic book to me. THe ending was interesting but, I would catagorize this as erotic but definitely not erotic romance. So if you are in the mood for that you might like it but I wanted some romance.

Comment by Chantal on 7/12/2007 12:49 PM

I totally understand. I like sex in a book..thats why I buy so much from EC, samhain, etc. But I also like for a good story to go along with it. A romantic story.

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