How to Conjure a Man and Tame Me

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Happy 4th of July everyone. Hope you have a great day. Oh, I also read my first manga this week and will post about it later.

How to Conjure a Man How to Conjure a Man by Nancy Lindquist
This was a cute book. At first I thought it might be a paranormal genie thing, but it was not. It was a nice hot love story.

When all else fails, what's a girl to do? Conjure your own man, of course! Becky Blake is through with vibrators. Well, to be honest, her vibrator's through with her. The damn thing actually conked out, mid-fantasy. Time for desperate measures. Armed with thirty pounds of candles and a spell created by her best friend and strip mall witch, she heads into the desert to conjure a man. It's freezing, dark and more than a little creepy. On top of that there's a coyote hanging around howling loud enough to scare her to bits. Please, let this spell work. Rick Frazier's done with manipulative women. His ex-wife is bleeding him dry. His wallet is almost as hungry as he is. It's time to get a second job, as a bartender at 'The Buckin' Bronco All Male Review'. At least it will pay the bills until he sells his software program. Back in the real world of work and lonely routine, Becky has nothing to show for her desert efforts except an erotic dream that leaves her more frustrated than fulfilled. That is until her new employee shows up. It doesn't take long to put two and two together. Rick, her new bartender, is the man she conjured in the desert. Their chemistry is magnetic, drawing them together in a lightning blast of hot passion and incredible sex. Is this true love or the result of a magic spell cast on a cold dark night?

Tame Me (Silhouette Desire)
Tame Me by Caroline Cross
Apparently this the the third of a trilogy, did not realize that until I started reading it but I would say it could be read as a stand alone. But reading it in order would make more sense because her whole situation is based upon circumstances that occurred in the other books. The other two are Tempt Me and Trust Me.

How could penniless socialite Mallory Morgan accept Gabriel Steele's charity? But Gabriel wasn't used to taking no for an answer. And the infuriatingly arrogant man wasn't above using his devastating sex appeal to get what he wanted. Gabriel intended to take care of Mallory, leaving her no choice but to succumb to his wishes. But that didn't mean she couldn't try to tame her keeper….



Comment by Nancy Lindquist-Liedel on 7/07/2007 7:08 PM

Just found this. I'm the author of, "How to Conjure a Man." I'm glad you liked it and that paranormal genie thing just got my mind working.

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