Into the Dark and Virtually His

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Into the Dark (The Bodyguards, Book 6)Into the Dark (The Bodyguards Book 6) by Cindy Gerard
Yea, we got Dallas and Amy's story, it has been a long time in coming. It took me a minute to recap in my head everything that had happened so far in the series because it had been so long since I had read them. Great suspense series. I have really enjoyed reading it. If you haven't read it yet, the first book is To the Edge.

Amy Walker endured unspeakable horrors while being held as a hostage before she was rescued by Dallas Garrett and his brothers from E.D.E.N., Inc. Amy is determined to leave the past behind…but only after she gets some answers to the questions that haunt her: Why was she abducted by the terrorists? Why is her mother locked up in a mental institution? Dallas wants Amy to know he’s a man she can trust. He’s incapable of offering her his love but promises his sworn protection while she embarks on her quest to discover the truth about her family…and herself. Working on a lead, Amy and Dallas team up with an investigative journalist and an unlikely accomplice whose motives are as murky as his past. Soon they are drawn into the depths of a secret organization that practices non-consensual mind-control experimentation—one that Amy’s own grandfather appears to be involved in. With a ruthless enemy closing in fast Amy and Dallas race against time and risk their lives to expose these crimes against humanity…and share a passion neither of them could have expected.

Virtually His (Virtual Series, Book 1) Virtually His (Virtual series book 1) by Gennita Low

This was a DNF for me. I could not get into it at all. I have loved her other books so I will try it again later, but I am putting it away for now. I hope others have better luck than me with it.



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