Prince of Fire and Prince of Swords

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Prince of Fire (Berkley Sensation)
Prince of Fire (Children of the Sun trilogy Book 2) by Linda Winstead Jones
This is the second book in this trilogy. The first book is called Prince of Magic and deals with the first part of the story and the first of the cousins. These are the children of Ms Jones's heroines in her witch (or Sisters of the Sun) trilogy.

Despite the prophesies, Keelia, Queen of the Anwyn, would never let a wild Caradon, a man who can shape-shift into a mountain cat, touch her. But when one kidnaps her, mistaking her for the caster of a spell on his people, Keelia realizes she has never been more wrong. Her Caradon captor is the very same lover as in her torrid, recurring dream ...

No man alive, Caradon or not, can resist a sensuous Anwyn queen. When Joryn, the Queen's kidnapper, realizes his mistake, the two must work together to undo the wicked spell. Neither can deny the crackling chemistry between them nor can they deny the ever-looming Prophesy of the Firstborn: She will betray love in the name of victory ...

Prince of Swords (Berkley Sensation) Prince of Swords (Children of the Sun trilogy Book 3) by Linda Winstead Jones
This was a good conclusion to the series. Though for me a couple of times it was dragging as they traveled to the army, but that was very few times. Good trilogy, I am not sure if I would personally buy it, but I enjoyed reading it.

As the forces of good and evil clash in an epic battle, the firstborn children of the Fyne witches have finally come into their own, each with a special gift that will shape their destiny ...

For months, Rayne has been imprisoned in the cellar of a secluded house, afraid of the day when the demon-possessed Ciro - the man who has declared himself her future husband - will return to claim her. He believes that the linking of her pure soul with his lost one will produce the perfect child - one who will serve his ultimate purpose.
The Prophesy of the Firstborn spells out that Lyr Hern is to wield the crystal dagger. But his search for it is sidetracked by the beautiful prisoner he encounters. Despite his attraction to Rayne, Lyr is none too happy about taking her along once he has freed her. Especially when - to foil Ciro's plans - Rayne decides that Lyr is just the man to corrupt her ...

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