For Pete's Sake

7/17/2007 11:26:00 AM / Posted by Kris /

For Pete's Sake (Berkley Sensation) For Pete's Sake by Geri Buckley
The death of her grandmother--the beloved matriarch of Langstown, Florida--has thrown Pietra "Pete" Lang's preparations for the Fourth of July into chaos. But nothing is going to stop her from throwing the most fabulous party ever. Not the fireworks igniting between her and her brother's infamous divorce attorney. And especially not the dead body in the freezer.

Was not a big fan of this book. The heroine annoyed me and the plot annoyed me. The plot and character issues for me were moral and legal. They find a dead body in her grandmother freezer after she dies but Pete refuses to contact the police because of how it would affect her dead grandmother's reputation, and the lawyer boyfriend went along with that (he did eventually tell but still it bugged me). I guess maybe I watch too many crime shows where I know that it is illegal to not report a body.
Well, I finished it because I was at camp and this was my last book. It did grow on me a little to where I did not put it down even thought I had nothing else to read but it was not my favorite read of the week. But hey it was $1 at Save-a-lot so at least I did not pay full price for it.



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