The Devil and Ms Johnson

7/20/2007 08:19:00 AM / Posted by Kris /

The Devil and Ms Johnson by Hannah Murray
A government agent, Devon Bannion is burnt out. He just wants to retire and join his best friend and ex-partner Ian in his Chicago security business, but Uncle Sam demands he complete one last job. He gets to Chicago too late to be best man at Ian's wedding but just in time to discover the maid of honor asleep in his borrowed bed. Lacey Johnson, a web designer and hacking consultant for the FBI, got a little smashed at the wedding and crashed in the wrong bedroom. Lucky thing, otherwise her first encounter with Devon, a man she knows only from photographs and the fantasies they inspired, probably wouldn't have involved a bet and sweaty monkey sex. Because the next morning, Devon discovers his partner for his last job is Lacey, and he's not happy about it. Having her for a "civilian" partner certainly isn't his first choice, but he decides there are definite advantages to playing happy couple at a resort with Lacey. But what was supposed to be a simple assignment soon goes dangerously awry, and it will take all of Devon's skill and Lacey's ingenuity to get them out alive.

This was a fun book. It was a contemporary book with a little action and some comedy and lots of hot romance. The characters were a lot of fun, Lacey cracks me up. There is a book before this one called Jane and the Sneaky Dom that I have to read now. It is not imperative that the book be read in order. This was the first book that I have read by Ms Murray, but it won't be the last.



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