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One Eye Open (The Pack, No.1) (Sihouette Intimate Moments, No. 1301)One Eye Open (The Pack Book 1) by Karen Whiddon
When her twin brother Alex turns up missing, shape-shifter Brenna Lupe locates his former partner, Carson Turner, only to find out Carson is hunting Alex too—but for different reasons. Seeking revenge for the death of his family, Carson believes Alex is responsible. In the midst of undercover drug deals and bikers, can Brenna prove him wrong, and show him that love is once again possible? Will love be enough for Carson to accept her dual nature and reach out for the happiness that is within his grasp?

This is the first in her Pack series that started in Harleqiun's Intimate Moments collection and is now in it's Nocturne collection. The order of the series is :One Eye Open (SIM), One Eye Closed (SIM), "Soul of the Wolf" ( in Sillouette Signature Select anthology Beyond the Dark), Secrets of the Wolf (SIM), Cry of the Wolf (Nocturne), Touch of the Wolf (Nocturne). Amazon has Cry of the Wolf listed as book 6 but it is not it is book 5. I am missing Book 2 and 3 so I am on the lookout at my ubs. They are all pretty good. They concentrate more on the suspense than the shifter aspect of the story though.

The Pack: Secrets of the Wolf (Book 4) (Silhouette Intimate Moments No. 1397) Secrets of the Wolf (The Pack Book 4) by Karen Whiddon

Heroine: Brie Danzinger
Hero: Reed Hunter, Police Chief of Leaning Tree, NY
She has come to Leaning Tree after her father dies and she discovers that she has family she never knew about. So she goes there to meet her family and to reopen the case of her mother's death. It was ruled a suicide, but Brie found new info that her mother was being stalked at the time. Now the same stalker seems enamored of her and Reed has to keep her safe. (summary written by me)

The Pack: Cry Of The Wolf (Book 6) (Silhouette Nocturne)
Cry of the Wolf (The Pack Book 5) by Karen Whiddon
Her ability to shape-shift into a wolf. On the run now from the dangerous mobster who destroyed her special gift, Jewel faces even deadlier stakes. For she will die if she doesn't change into a wolf soon.

Arriving in west Texas, Jewel strives to complete her transformation. But as she lies naked in a grassy area and the animal in her is crying out for release, a handsome stranger intrudes. Brooding Colton Reynolds appears to be a man who knows a good deal about secrets…and the power of keeping them to himself.

A man equally unable to trust. As her urge to shift awakens burning carnal desires, Jewel must put everything on the line. For if she gives her body to Colton, can she truly free her soul.

The Pack: Touch Of The Wolf (Book 5) (Silhouette Nocturne)
Touch of the Wolf (The Pack Book 6) by Karen Whiddon
One look and shape-shifter Lucaine Herrick knew. Mate. The urge to claim the woman for himself was instant. Yet he could not. he'd come to a tiny Texas town in search of a myth—a Halfling healer who had no idea that Pack blood ran in her veins, or that she was the only being in generations with the power to heal shape-shifters with her touch. And if what he suspected about Samantha Warren was true, his people needed her too much for Luc to claim her as his own.

But someone else watched Samantha from the shadows. And soon, claiming Samantha might not be Luc's forbidden desire, but his only choice for protecting her life.

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