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I think I heard about this series from nath and found out that my library had them, so I requested the first book. It took about 2 months to get it but I got it last week while I was out of town and read it Sunday. I loved it. It took me about a quarter of the way through the book to get used to reading right to left, but I got it now. Then I went out the other night and got the second one. Of course since I do not have the next one handy this one ends in a slight cliffhanger, mid-conversation. But I have the next two on request. Hopefully they will get here faster than last time. But thank you for introducing me to them, nath, I love them.

The series is (so far) about two teens, Rei and Kira and their relationship. Rei is the school bad boy and Kira is a shy artist.

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Comment by nath on 7/05/2007 8:13 PM

Hey Kris :D!! i'm happy you enjoyed the series! Yeah, reading from right to left needs some getting used to, but it's fun :D LOL :P if you want the rest and don't mind reading on a computer, let me know :D

Comment by Mailyn on 7/05/2007 10:52 PM

Love, love looooove manga!! And anime!!!! Mehehe.

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