Catch me if you can

5/08/2006 11:09:00 AM / Posted by Kris /

Catch me if you can by Donna Kauffman.
This book goes along with a couple of anthologies (Bad Boys Next Exit, Jingle Bell Rock, Merry Christmas Baby) each one is the story of one of the 4 brothers. It was a fun story. The Heroine cracked me up, she was very blunt and would tell you like it is.

This story was about the oldest brother, Tag Morgan. After the news of his father's death (not a very nice man) he returns home from South America, where he was at a Mayan dig (he is an anthropologist), to wrap up his father's affairs and promptly return to SA. His plan goes a little awry when he discovers that his father had been investing money into a castle in Scotland. The castle is a part of their family history that his father had always drilled into his sons that they were to get away from. The town that they grew up in was founded by three men fleeing Scotland (Morgan, Ramsey and Sinclair) and Tag is a direct descendent of that Morgan. Tag decides to got to Scotland and see what was going on and meets Maura Sinclair (direct descendent of the Sinclairs that stayed), who is the caretaker of the castle. She has had a very bad day, and the sparks fly.



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