Hot Spell

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Hot SpellHot Spell by Emma Holly, Lora Leigh, Shiloh Walker and Meljean Brook

This book was great. I enjoyed all four stories. I have to say that Ms Brook's story was probably my least favorite of the four though. I liked it but I wanted it to be longer, it felt to be lacking something. I think also that I was not crazy about the heroine in that story. She uses him and then he comes back still in love with her and because I did not see her during those months that he was gone, she was still a jerk in my mind and that turned me off to her as a h. I think I wanted more about her while he was gone and that would have helped me enjoy it more.

The Countess's Pleasure by Emma Holly
This is in the same world as her book, The Demon's Daughter (which was very good). It takes place in the demon city of Bhamjran. The world is kind of like an alternate regency England but with a different species living among humans. Georgiana, widowed Countess of Ware, is visting the demon capital of Bhamjran and decides to visit an erotic exhibition for females only. She is looking for answers about sexuality and herself. And she findshim (Iyan) there.

The Breed Next Door by Lora Leigh
This story is in her Breed/Fixed series that she writes for EC and now Berkley (Megan's Mark that I read comes after it). For more about the Breed series see entry for Megan's Mark.
It is the story of Tarek and Lyra. Tarek (Lion Breed) moves in next door to Lyra (human whose 3 brothers are in SF and helped the Breeds escape) who is attracted to him, but thinks that he is a menace to her landscaping. One night Tarek sees someone trying to break into Lyra's house and he stops him and Lyra realizes that Tarek is a Breed. He realizes a little later that Lyra is his mate.

Falling For Anthony by Meljean Brook
Takes place in 1811 in England. Anthony (an impoverished gentleman) is indebted to the Ames-Beaumont family who paid for him to go through medical school. So to pay that debt he has to be the personal physician to a family friend for the duration of the Napoleonic war. Before he leaves the daughter of the family (and twin sister to his best friend Colin), Emily, seduces him to be rid of her virginity. Well, Anthony goes to war and is faced with more than he bargined for when he sees a nosferatu sucking on some corpses. The nostferatu kills Anthony, but because of his strong spirit he is turned into a Guardian (basically guardian angels i.e. Michael who is in charge). Nine months into his training Anthony is told by Michael to go back and rescue the Ames-Beaumont family before they are all killed. Colin has been bitten by the nosferatu and Emily has to chain him to the bed each night to protect himself and others.

The Blood Kiss by Shiloh Walker
This was the story of Roman Montgomery (Werewolf King of Wolfclan Montgomery) and Julianna Capiet (daughter of Vampire Eduard Capiet king of his clan). It is intrinsically a retelling of Romeo and Juliet with a paranormal twist. It was fun and had much happier ending.

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