I Burn For You

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I Burn For You

I Burn For You by Susan Sizemore

I had read one of her books before but I had not read them in order yet, so I decided to try them. I enjoyed this one. So, so far so good. It is a paranormal vampire romance that takes place in California where vamps and weres exist, but are not out of hiding. They have made amazing strides in medicine though. If a vamp wants he/she can take meds that are custom made for them so they can walk in the sun, eat garlic or wear silver if they wanted to.

The story is about Domini Lancer (precognitive- sees future) and Alexander (Alec) Reynard (vampire). Alec's meds are going out of whack and he goes to California to get them fixed. Because of his condition he had to resign his post in the Delta Force and now needs a job. He gets one at a security firm called Lancer Security. Owned and operated by Domini's grandfather, Ben Lancer. Domini is an employee there too. (yes, she does do bodyguard work as well.) Domini is inexplicable attracted to Alec upon sight and he knows that she is his mate. They are put on a case together to protect a childhood friend of Domini's, but the two of them soon figure out that her friend is not the target, Domini is and she has no idea why.

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