The SEAL's Surprise Baby

5/13/2006 10:10:00 AM / Posted by Kris /

The Seal's Surprise Baby The SEAL's surprise baby by Amy J. Fetzer

I picked this up for a quarter at my UBS, I was very excited. I had just discovered her and then I saw this and grabbed it. I thought it was cute. I love military heroes, they are so macho and fun. It was a fun, cute, light read. You have to admire the hero's tenacity and determination.

Jack Singer meets Melanie at his sister's wedding where Melanie is the maid of honor. The sparks fly and after the wedding they get together for what ends up being only one night as he is called out of the country the next morning. Unfortunately/Fortunately? she got pregnant and he is not back in the country for 15 months. Then when he returns he finds out that he has a strapping 6 month old baby girl. Now all he has to do is marry the mother, if she will let him.



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