Hot Ice

5/13/2006 04:01:00 PM / Posted by Kris /

Hot Ice by Cherry Adair

Great book. The book goes along with her book, On Thin Ice. Both are about members of T-FLAC, a private antiterrorist group. It was a great romantic suspense. The action was there until the end of the book, I don't remember any parts that dragged. The heroine was strong and competent at what she did, but was not overbearing and knew when to step back. The hero was also very competent in his field but not so Alpha that he always had to be in charge. I thought it was great.
The story is about T-FLAC member, Huntington St. John (Hunt for short), and professional thief, Taylor Kincaid. He is in charge of finding her and hiring her to break into the safe of Jose Morales (a religious zealot and terrorist, and major nutjob) to steal launch codes/whereabouts for a missile that Morales has aqcuired and plans to launch toward the US (because the Antichrist lives here, or so Morales was told in a vision, like I said - nutjob). By the time Hunt catches up with her she has already broken into the safe (to steal the jewelry) and stashed the stuff. She gives him the slip and then he has to find her again.
I will leave it at that. Don't want to repeat the whole book. It was excellent.

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Comment by Jill on 5/19/2006 12:33 PM

Oh I loved this one too!

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