Lethal Lies

5/16/2006 01:50:00 PM / Posted by Kris /

Letha Lies by Laurie Breton

I though that it was a good romantic suspense. Not great, but good. the beginning was a little slow like it got bogged down occasionally, but it got better as it went along. The story line was very good though, as were the characters. I wish they would have left out her book deadline, because they did not resolve it in the end, and there was no epilogue. It bugged me.

The story was about Faith Pelletier's return to small hometown after her cousin (Chelsea) is killed and named Faith as next of kin. Most people think that it was a suicide, but Faith and Newt (local editer and Chelsea's boss) know that she would not have done that. Growing up Faith and Chelsea were always with friends, Davy and Ty. After high school Faith moved away and became a bestselling writer, Chelsea got pregnant (had daughter Jessie), Ty joined the Marines then became sheriff of their hometown, and Davy - well???. Faith moves back to take care of Jessie (who is now 15) and handle Chelsea's affairs. She has gone through a lot herself lately (widowed 18 months before) and just wants to take Jessie and leave, but she wont because she wants to know what happened to her cousin. Enter Ty, he has had a crush on Faith since HS and wants her back, she wants him too, but does not think it will work, as well as some unresolved issues with him. She convinces him that Chelsea was murdered and they join forces to figure out what is going on in their little town of Serenity, Maine.

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