Moon Called

5/11/2006 12:17:00 AM / Posted by Kris /

Moon CalledMoon Called by Patricia Briggs

I thought it was great. A great beginning for a series. This is not a "romance" simply a paranormal, but it has the potential for romance in future books. That works for me, I am a romance girl and as long as there is potential then that part of me is satisfied. The world reminded me of the Anita Blake world in that it was our world with a twist, the fae, vampires, weres and magic exist and are just now being acknowledged. the heroine was likable and down to earth. She can hold her own, but knows when she is in over her head. (I cannot help but compare her to Anita) Compared to Anita, Mercy is not as conflicted, which is a nice change, and since she is an auto mechanic, she does not get into all the violent situations that Anita finds herself in. There were good action scenes but that was not the focal point.

The story is about Mercy Thompson, auto mechanic and walker. (Walker is from the term skinwalker and means that she is not a were, but an inherited trait from her medicine man father is that she can shift into a coyote.) She is the town mechanic and next door neighbor to the local Alpha (Adam Hauptman). When Adam is attacked and his daughter Jesse kidnapped, Mercy rushes in to help and through the story ends up discovering things about herself she never knew.

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