I Thirst For You

5/22/2006 10:46:00 PM / Posted by Kris /

I Thirst for You

I Thirst For You by Susan Sizemore

This is the sequel to I Burn For You that I read yesterday. This one was good as well. While I was reading it I realized that I had read this one before, but it makes a little more sense when read after the other one. It is not imperative to read these two in order, but I like to read series in order.

This one is about Josephine Elliot who is a empathic pilot who is contemplating suicide after she had been in a plane crash she had been piloting where four people had died. She is in a numb state trying to figure out her life and future. Along comes Marcus Cage who, currently starving, has just escaped a lab that was doing all sorts of tests on him because he is a vampire. He runs across Jo and decides that she would be an excellent dinner. Then he realizes that she is his mate. So he kidnaps her and drags her all over running from the people that had imprisoned him. When he realizes how much he loves her and what he is doing to her, he decides to leave her for her own good. Then the bad guys get her.

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