The Passion

5/05/2006 02:41:00 PM / Posted by Kris /

The Passion The Passion by Donna Boyd

This was a werewolf book that was recommended to me. I love werewolf books s I gave it a try. Was not my favorite book. it was good, but I think there was not enough romance in it for me. It is not your typical romance book. It is a very good story though. I will probably still read the next one, The Promise. The werewolves were just sooooo arrogant, it bugged me, because of how much they looked down on humans.
The story is about a werewolf named Alexander and a human girl, Tessa, that he takes in because she amuses him. She is fascinated with him and his world, but cannot truely understand it because she is not of it and never will be. He indulges her and treats her well but more like a pet, which is how he sees her. There are alot of politics within their world when the current pack leader dies and he goes to affirm the new one.

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