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HeartbreakerHeartbreaker by Julie Garwood

I had never read her before and asked some people for suggestions/favorite titles by her and decided to start with her romantic suspense, Heartbreaker. It was excellent. The story line was great, moved at a good pace, but did not go so fast you got lost. It was fun to watch the H and h fall in love in the midst of keeping her safe. Great story, would definitely recommend it.
The story is about FBI agent, Nick Buchanan, and his best friend (priest Tommy Madden)'s sister, Laurant Madden. A man goes into the confessional when Tommy is on duty and brags about killing a woman and says that he is going to kill again and that he is going to kill Laurant. Tommy, of course, flips out and calls best friend, Nick. Thus begins round the clock protection of Laurant.

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