Touch Not the Cat

5/21/2006 04:19:00 PM / Posted by Kris /

Touch Not the Cat Touch Not the Cat by Tracy Fobes

This is the first book that I have read by Ms Fobes, but it will not be the last. I like her so far. This book was a historical paranormal romance. It takes place around 1817 in England and Scotland (mostly Scotland). I have not read many historical paranormals so it was a change for me. And it was a nice change to have the female be different instead of the male. It was a pretty good read, there were a couple of place that I thought dragged just a little, but it was worth continuing to read.

The story is about Catherine McClelland who is the unfortunate recipient of a family curse. If any one found out about her she would probably be burned for a witch. So she and her father guard her secret carefully. While visiting England they meet Nicholas, the Duke of Effington. Catherine's father decides that he is the perfect man to marry Catherine and blackmails Nicholas into marrying his daughter. Understandably Nicholas is a little peeved about this but he goes through with it because although he abhors the circumstances, she makes him burn. Then he finds out her secret.

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