5/12/2006 06:24:00 PM / Posted by Kris /

Fantasy by Lori Foster

Very warm, sweet book. The Hero (Sebastian Sinclair) was a great protector hero. The heroine (Brandi Sommers) is recovering from being raped when she was 18 and wants to try to start dating again. She attends an auction that her sister (Shay Sommers, whose story is in The Secret Life of Bryan) is sponsoring to raise money for a battered womens shelter, and sees a man up for auction that makes her tummy flip. Her sister sees this (knows the guy and that he is a good guy) and "buys" him for her. He turns out to be a professional bodyguard and is very taken with Brandi and wants to cherish and protect her. He treats her with kid gloves and when she reveals what had happened to her they work to overcome her fear of him. It is a very sweet story and I love the H, he is just so understanding and tender. I am glad I read it.



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