Code Name: Blondie

5/05/2006 02:41:00 PM / Posted by Kris /

Code Name: Blondie by Christina Skye

This one in the code name series (Code Name:Nanny, Princess and Baby) and goes very well after Code Name: Baby. I thought that the story was good. The character were well done and the heroine was believable. I enjoyed the sci-fi asppect of it with the genetic modifications and implants. The first two books did not have this though that I remember. I liked all the action, intrigue and romance and thought that it was a good addition to the series.
The story is about Miki (best friend to Kit from Code Name:Baby) and Navy SEAL Max. She is a photographer trying to make it and be taken seriously by a sleazy employer. She gets in a plane crash and is rescued and stranded on an island with Max, who is on the island looking for Cruz (from CN:Baby). Survival and capture of Cruz are the goals now.

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