Bad Boys of Summer

6/15/2006 09:35:00 PM / Posted by Kris /

Bad Boys of Summer by Lori Foster, Erin McCarthy and Amy Garvey

All three were great stories and I have to look to see if any of them go with other books.

Luscious (Lori Foster) - great story as always.

Bethany Churchill is visiting her identical twin for a few days to do some soul searching. The only thing about staying with her sis is her sis's landlord, Lucius Ryder (called Lusious by his tenants). Lucius is a SWAT officer and also owns this small apartment building that he has inavertantly rented all to women who had fallen on hard times. Bethany is attracted to him, but she is used to everyone liking her sister instead of her, but Lucius has other desires.

It's About Time (Erin McCarthy) - not my favorite by her, but good nonetheless

Trish Jones is a lawyer and Caleb Vancouver is a construction worker/owner. They meet in a bar as he is trying to celebrate the fact that his ex is getting married the next day and she is accepting the fact that she had been stood up. They comiserate together and end up learning alot about each other.

Wish you were here (Amy Garvey) - trying to think if I have read her or not.

Mackenzie Pruitt is a photographer and Leo Dawson is a handyman/carpenter hired to renovate her shed into a phoography studio/workplace that she just inherited. But Leo has a secret that he does not want anyone to find out, can Mackenzie handle it?



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