Ghost Hunter

6/07/2006 05:06:00 AM / Posted by Kris /

Ghost Hunter by Jayne Castle

Good addition to the Harmony series, though it has been too long since I read them. The others are Bridal Jitters (released as mini book separately and in the anthology Charmed), After Dark and After Glow then Ghost Hunter. Because it had been so long it took me a little while to get reacquainted with the world of Harmony. But I still really enjoyed the book. I did not buy it because I don't have the rest of the books and don't forsee getting them, but I was glad I read it.

The story is about Guild boss and ghost hunter Cooper Boone and botonist, Elly St. Clair. They live in Aurora Springs and Elly is engaged to marry Cooper until she finds out that he and her father (a very influential ghost hunter in the guild) are keeping secrets from her. And the secrets have to do with why they got engaged. Upset and feeling betrayed she moves to Cadence City to start a new life there. Six months later Cooper comes looking for her and finds her in need of a ghost hunter. He is determined to get her back and does not want her hurt or asking anyone else so he quickly volunteers planning to keep her safe and out of trouble by doing this. Then her finds out there is more to her problems than her expected.

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