Surf's Up

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Surf's Up anthology by Janelle Denison, MaryJanice Davidson and Nina Bangs

I liked this anthology. It was a nice combination of stories. A contemp and two paranormals (ghost and vamp). The first story was a very good contemp, nice story though predictable. The second story was nice in its not often used storyline of the heroine is a ghost. I liked that idea and it was a great story. Though I think you need to have read Men at Work anthology to truly appreciate the story. The third story is a Sparkle stardust story. Since I have not yet read all the books in this series I am holding off on reading it until later. I did skim it though and it looked good, so I will only give characters for the summary so I know for later reference.

Hot and Bothered by Janelle Denison

Recently divorced, Claire Reissing has relocated to the beach house she got in the settlement to pursue her dream to be a full time jewelry designer. One of her neighbors is Shea O'Brien. Unknown to the two of them they have been lusting after each other for a while but haven't done anything about it. Then one day Claire gets caught in a riptide and Shea saves her.

Paradised Bossed by MJ Davidson

Nikki is in the Caymans with Jack and Cathy (from "The Fixer-Upper") and gets stung by a stingray and drowns. As a ghost she is stuck on the island and is bored. Cathy and Jack hire a psychic to come in and find out what happened to Nikki. Enter Tom. Tom is tired of his life and ghosts in general, until he meets Nikki and is fascinated by her.

Hot Summer Bites by Nina Bangs

Sparkle Stardust story - Taurin and Kristin

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Comment by Stacy~ on 6/29/2006 10:54 PM

Hey Kris I just finished this book too. I liked Janelle's story but felt a bit disappointed by the other two. I won't give anything away, but I just couldn't connect with them. Oh well, I guess not every story is a winner. And maybe it's cuz it's harder to remember details from a previous novella since it's a much shorter story, and I have the attention span of a gnat. LOL.

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