Dark Side of the Moon

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Dark Side of the Moon by Sherrilyn Kenyon

All I can say is wow. This books is very important in where the series is going. Lots of hints and info revealed about the characters and squires in general. This is the fourteenth book/story in the series. The series needs to be read in order to appreciate it. The first book is Fantasy Lover and for the rest of the books look here. Off the subject, but Sherrilyn Kenyon's website is awesome, check it out if you have not. This book does not pull at your heartstrings the way some of the others do and is a little darker than the others, but I think that is because of where she is going with the books. This book is setting the series up for a lot of stuff in the future.

This installment leaves New Orleans and takes place in Seattle with Dark-Hunter Ravyn Contis (who is also a were-panther, the only Dark-Hunter who was a were-hunter, so far anyway) and tabloid journalist Susan Michaels. She aquires a cat from her friend at the animal shelter that she does not really want (because she just hapens to be allergic to cats (I thought that was a nice touch)), who just happens to be Ravyn in one of his cat forms. The Daimons who put him in the animal shelter want him back and will kill anyone in their way, including Susan. Ravyn mistakes her for a Squire and brings her home with him. Now she either has to become a squire or be killed, which will she choose? Ravyn and Susan have to figure out what the Daimons are up to now. Many characters are brought back in this book including Nick, Otto, and Acheron.

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