Don't Open Till Christmas

6/20/2006 02:56:00 PM / Posted by Kris /

Don't Open Till Christmas by Leslie Kelly (Blaze #222)

There are two other books that go along with this one (same family, the Santoris), but I have not read them yet. They are "There Goes the Groom" (Luke and Rachel's story) in the That's Amore anthology and "Sheer Delights" (Tony and Gloria's story) in the Behind the Red Doors anthology. This one was cute. I don't think it is one I am going to run out and buy, but a decent read. Here is a summary:

One day in a store dressing room a man and woman have a nameless encounter. Noelle Bradenton runs a women's shelter and a someone dressed up as a Santa Claus came in and stole all the money they had set aside for Christmas for the kids that stay there. Detective Mark Santori is in charge of the investigation of this rash of robberies being committed by Santas. She never though she would see him again.



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