The Highlander's Stolen Bride

6/22/2006 08:41:00 AM / Posted by Kris /

The Highlander's Stolen BrideThe Highlander's Stolen Bride by Melanie George

Good story, but I think the title is misleading, there was not a bride stolen in the book. She went willingly, she was not engaged to someone else, he did not steal her. She went with him to escape her step brother's machinations and they did not get married til the end of the book. This is the latest in the series, the others are The Pleasure Seekers and Naughty or Nice

In Naughty or Nice we got a first look at Rosalyn and her story now we get its conclusion...

Lady Rosalyn Carmichael is on the run from her evil stepbrother, who will do anything to gain her inheritance. When Derek (Heathen) Hardwicke rescues her from an attempted kidnapping in London, she gratefully accepts the protection of his remote Scottish castle. And though Derek's devilishly handsome looks inspire scandalous fantasies, a secret from her past means those fantasies must forever remain dreams....

A Highland laird, Derek intends to marry his childhood friend Megan MacPherson, since only a Scottish wife will satisfy his clan. But beautiful Rosalyn awakens feelings he never dreamed he'd have. And while he has promised to keep her safe, the attraction between them burns too hot to deny. Now, with danger inching ever closer, he must choose between his allegiance to his clan and a passion like he's never known....



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