Naughty or Nice

6/12/2006 01:59:00 PM / Posted by Kris /

Naughty or Nice by Melanie George

I picked this up from the library for some light reading between books that are in a series and was surprised to discover that, one, it was a historical and two, that I had read it before. But I did not remember much of it, so I read it again. The cover does not make me think,"historical". I also realized that I had read her before in a two-in-one book with Christine Feehan. The book was called A Very Gothic Christmas and her story was called "Lady of the Locket". It was a good time travel novella. And she wrote in Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down with a bunch of other authors I love. Anyway, I liked this one and am curious to read the one that comes before it, The Pleasure Seekers, and after it, The Highlander's Stolen Bride. I have requested them from the library. I will read them, but I do not yet think they are ones I would buy.

After her brother dies, Fancy (Francine) Fitz Hugh does not want to be saddled with a guardian. Especially one that keeps sending her governesses for her to run off. After the third one leaves, Lucien Kendall decides to go take the chit in hand. He gets there and mistakes Fancy for a servant because she is dressed in trousers and very outspoken. She goes along with it and poses her best friend Rosalyn as herself. (Rosalyn is staying with Fancy because her odious stepbrother is trying to force her to marry him to get her money. Her book is the next one, The Highlander's Stolen Bride.) After Lucien discovers her deceit, he hies her off to London to find her a husband to settle her down. The problem is, he wants her himself but does not think that he is good enough. (Side note: he has an opium addiction that she helps him overcome)



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