Long, Tall Texans

6/25/2006 05:23:00 PM / Posted by Kris /

Long, Tall Texans: Calhoun, Justin & TylerLong, Tall Texans by Diana Palmer

Long, Tall Texans is actually her first three books of the series in one book, Calhoun, Justin and Tyler. A friend gave me this because I had never read Diana Palmer before and wanted to try her. They were good, but to me they were typical Harlequin books. All three had virgin brides and almost seemed to be the same book, with a couple of differences. It was not a bad book, just not my style. Here is a summary of the books.

Calhoun is in trouble, he is attracted to his ward. But the good thing is Abby likes him too, but he is too stubborn to know that she is good for him and old enough to know her own mind.

Justin has been carrying a grudge against her family ever since Shelby broke off their engagement 6 years ago saying that he was not wealthy enough. Now fortunes are reversed and she is destitute and has no where to go, so to help her out he marries her in a marriage of convenience. But how convenient will it get?

Tyler is now in Arizona working for the niece of his employer as the forman for her dude ranch. Nell is very skittish of men because something that happened to her when she was a teen. But Tyler is just the man to bring her out of her shell, if he doesn't screw it up first.



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